RD51 Common Projects


Call for RD51 Common Projects in 2020 (deadline 15/09/2020)



Current and previous RD51 Common Projects


Discharge Consortium in quest for Spark-Less-Avalanche-Microstructures
2019, P. Gasik

Pixelated resistive bulk Micromegas with integrated electronics
2019, F. Petrucci

Resistive materials and resistive-MPGD concepts & technologies
2019, S. Bressler

Modular & General purpose Ultra Low Mass GEM Based Beam Monitors
2018, G. Croci

DLC based electrodes for future resistive MPGDs
2018, Y. Zhou

Study of negative ion mobility and ion diffusion for Negative Ion TPCs  
2018, A. Cortez

Development of modular multilayer GEM units
2017, A. Milov

Sampling Calorimetry with Resistive Anode MPGDs (SCREAM)
2016, M. Chefdeville

New Scintillating gases and structures for next-generation scintillation-based gaseous detector
2016, D. Gonzalez Diaz