Working group 2

Detector Physics and Performance

Conveners: Florian Brunbauer (CERN), Francisco Garcia (Helsinki Institute of Physics) 


In this WG, a common effort towards the development of common standards for the characterization and comparison of different technologies will be made. The collective knowledge on the physics of discharges in MPGD detectors will be bundled and solutions towards more efficient prevention of and protection against discharge will be made. Systematic studies on ageing and radiation hardness of MPGDs will be performed and a common database on radiation hardness and ageing properties of materials will be created in order to arrive at radiation-hard detectors capable of operating beyond the limits of present devices. The tasks in the WG are: (1) Development of common test standards (comparison of different technologies in different laboratories); (2) Discharge studies and spark-protection developments for MPGDs; (3) Generic aging and material radiation-hardness studies (creation of database of "radiation-hard" materials & detectors depending on application, commercially available materials, cleanliness requirements, validation tests for final detector modules, gas system construction, working remedies); (4) Charging up (gain stability issues) and rate capability; (5) Study of avalanche statistics: exponential versus Polya (saturated-avalanche mode).