Working group 1

New Structures and Technologies

Conveners: Paul Colas (CEA Saclay), Filippo Resnati (CERN)

The objectives of this WG are both the optimization of fabrication methods for MPGDs and the development of new multiplier geometries and techniques. These objectives are pursued via selected tasks: (1) Development of techniques to manufacture large area modules with reduced material budget and minimum dead regions; new materials, including low-radioactivity ones for rare-event detectors; (2) Design optimization including fabrication procedures and the development of new MPGD geometries for bulk Micromegas, micro bulk Micromegas and single-mask GEMs, Thick GEMs (THGEM), Resistive Electrode Thick GEMs (RETGEM), Micro-Patterned Resistive Plate Chambers (MPRPC), Micro Hole And Strip Plates (MHSP), charge-dispersive readout and integration of gas-amplification structures on top of a CMOS readout chip by wafer postprocessing (InGrid); (3) Development of radiation-hard detectors; and (4) Design of portable sealed detectors.